miércoles, 5 de junio de 2013

Erasmus disease symptoms:

- you meet so many people you can't remember all of them
- Mondays are the new Fridays, Tuesdays are the new Fridays, Wednesdays... and so on
- you come to a point where you don't speak Spanish, English, German or Italian anymore, but all of them (which is, actually, a modern version of Sanskrit)
- what happened last night? Becomes your motto
- your fridge might be empty, but there will always be there a beer and a piece of cheese (??)
- maybe you don't learn the language of the country, but there's a word that you will: beer (or sör, whatever)
- do you remember what it is to iron your clothes? Me neither.
- what are all these people doing at my home?
- doing the laundry only works when you do not have any more clean underwear
- staying home is NOT an option
- “I should cook something… nope.” And then pizza
- your parents love you more now
-  you start doing things like singing in public, taking off your bra in the middle of a disco or carrying underpants in your handbag without any remorse
- you just point at a random place in the map around your city and think “So there is where I will be spending my weekend…!”
- your lifestyle starts including meeting new friends at 5 am while eating kebap or something

- you get depressed while thinking about what your life will be like next year

And so on, honeys. Please, add your owns ;)

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